"Road To Nowhere"

Kevin handed me the Jack Daniels bottle, and I took another drunken sip that was more like an elephant trying to suck out of a straw. I felt the green pines around me spin, and the crackling fire strain my eyes, yet I didn’t feel very nauseous at all. I let out a wet hiccup and began what everyone else probably thought was just a collection of slurring madness.

"Alright, Alright. Umm… Karen! My love, do you want to go next?"

"Su…sure…" Her frail mouth was the only one who hadn’t yet tasted the alcohol, or as we would have said: "she was as sober as a nun."

"My worst day ever…. The day my brother died." We all stood silent as she proceeded to tell us the events of that day. I wish I had remember more, but..well….You know why.


She had been awoken by her sobbing mother and father, trying to conjure the words out of their mouths, but to no avail. It was one of the officers who kneeled down next to her tiny stature. She remembered the night star and wishing that he was okay, and that he would come back and give her little pecks on the cheek and he would let her pick out his outfit from the store down the street, but it wasn’t so. He said that he and his friends were driving down the highway in his pickup truck and someone got in their way and killed them. Her brother’s body slamming against the steering wheel, killing him instantly. The crash didn’t spare anyone. Their mangled bodies laying across the front of the truck, forever scarring the mind of the bald old man who murdered them, his tears forever feeling like blood down his cheeks. She could only wonder if his last thoughts were about her, and if he ever wondered how proud he was of her.


She never mentioned anything more about it, because we never saw her again. She went back into her car after that night in the forest and never came back to our apartment or anywhere. Just, disappeared. I will always wonder if she really did say where she was going, and we didn’t listen in our drunken state. But I still wait for her. One day, she will come back, I know it. I’ve never gotten drunk again since then.